6 Reasons to Hop on a Bike Today

Bicycling is a fun activity that comes with a range of health benefits, both physical and mental. If your goal is to get fit, the bike will work your legs without being too hard on the joints. But besides getting fit, bicycling gives you a huge sense of freedom. Whether you’re cruising down the city streets with your road bike, or battling your way up the tough terrain on a mountain bike, few things can match the feelings you experience when on a bike. If you’re not quite convinced yet, here’s a look at some of the top reasons you should get on a bike soon:

Lighter form of exercise

Lots of people use the bike for lighter exercising or to prepare for other exercises. Compared to running, biking exerts much less pressure on your legs, knees, ankles and feet. You can cycle even when you’re recovering from an injury, because cycling will work out your leg muscles without straining your knees. This makes it a great form of cardio exercise for people of all ages and physical stamina. Not only is it effective, but also safe for people who would rather not engage in tougher and riskier exercises.

It’s something you look forward to

Exercising with a bike feels much more rewarding than other forms of exercises. Let’s face it—there are some exercise routines we all dread taking on, but with a bike, even if you feel your quads burn, the reward is the ride itself. You can also use biking as a means to energizing yourself for other tougher exercises at the gym. If you can get your heart pumping with an exhilarating ride, you’ll certainly feel warmed up and ready for your gym session.

It helps you reduce stress

Many scientific studies have highlighted exercising as an effective way to ease stress. In a 2006 study conducted by the Victoria Transport Policy institute, a much bigger rate of people who cycled to worked reported enjoying their commute, that those who commuted with their vehicles. Other research studies also report bike commuters experiencing lower stress levels compared to those using mass transit or cars. The explanation for this is simple—biking gets your heart pumping, ultimately leading to the release of fee-good chemicals known as endorphins.

Legitimate form of transport

If it’s possible to make it to work with a bicycle, you should definitely consider investing in one. In the United States and Europe, there’s no better time to bike that today, as more money is being invested on building bike lanes. One of the best things about cycling, is that it’s a green method of transportation. And as long as you have a bike, transportation is free. So instead of getting yourself stuck in your car and cursing in the traffic, why not enjoy a bike ride and burn a few calories while at it?

Exploring the area around you

Not many people get to explore the area around them. Even if you have a regularly running routine, the distances you cover can’t come close to where you can get with a bike. A bike gives you a much larger range of travel and exploration; with just one hour on the bike, you’ll get to explore and appreciate many of the things you wouldn’t get to on your legs, or miss when driving. If you live in a metropolis and want to explore the city, you only need to invest in a good road bike. And if you want to escape your everyday routine to have a taste of the fresh mountain air, you can with a good mountain bike. To be able to make a more informed buying decision, be sure to check out the in-depth reviews on bikes over at Cycling Plaza.

Fun and freedom

Finally, few things can provide a great sense of freedom like a bike—if you need proof just observe kids. Do you remember how learning to ride a bike was such a defining moment in your childhood? The good news is that no one outgrows the bike. You can keep pedaling well into your seventies or eighties, and still experience the fun and freedom that cycling provided you in your childhood. This is because unlike driving, which loses its novelty over time, biking is always engaging and enjoyable.