Social Movements: Then and Now

Social Movements Then and Now

Since the beginning of time and people, the disenfranchised people of the world have fought for their rights to live a good life, as they see fit. These social movements have been a strong, driving force throughout time, and history, in highlighting these issues, getting them spoken about in the public arena, and in uniting those disenfranchised behind a similar goal.

Throughout time social movements have evolved with the ages, and directly reflect the world and time in which they originated. Social movement in the early 1900’s look very different compared to the social movements of today. Popular culture and social media have had a lot to do with the evolution of these movements.

Social Movements without Social Media and Pop Culture

All social movements are similar in the fact that they exist to influence change throughout the world. The aim is to make the world a better place to live. The earlier movements, like the Women’s Rights and Civil Rights movements, were created to unite a people and to change the laws of the government to reflect equality for all. These movements relied heavily on brave people travelling around the country delivering speeches and organizing rallies in order to move forward their agendas in a physical and face to face way.

In the Women’s Rights Movement, Susan B. Anthony was one of those brave people who travelled around the country in the fight for the rights of women. She fought for women’s voting rights and for equal earnings for women. After her hard work, and the hard work of many others for decades, women were given the right to vote in August of 1920.

Leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, united African Americans and their sympathizers behind the flag of equality, desegregation, and non-violent protest to combat the inequality imposed on African Americans. King Jr. and Malcolm X educated the public on the inequalities the American government imposed on their communities in order to shed light on, and change the laws that legalized these unconstitutional acts.

These social movements were conducted through hard work and a driving passion and desire to change. The issues these movements faced was the spreading of these integration and equality ideas. These leaders went around the country, and the world, with spoken word, and they spread their fight. Social movements today have the benefits of social media and pop culture, like Twitter, Facebook, and movies to assist in their efforts.

Social Movements with Social Media and Pop Culture

As time, and technology, advanced, the social movements of the new age evolved with them. The LGBT movement was one of those that got a great lift from popular culture and social media. Social media took away the need to travel around to get your message across. Popular culture and social media were a way for those in the LGBT community to spread their story to the world in a much more effective way. It gave them platforms, outside the reach of government, to discuss their issues openly and freely with those who care. These mediums gave them a way to communicate with people all over the world to promote a world of acceptance and love.

One of the most recent social movements that is taking place the use of science and technology to a new level. Transhumanism is an international intellectual movement that promotes the use of technology, in all its’ facets, to improve the conditions in which humans live. The aim of transhumanism is to do this through advanced technology that are available to everyone, regardless of economic, or class, standing. One of the main goals of transhumanism is the “quest for immortality” and everything that comes with it. Transhumanists not only study how to extend life, but they are also working on how to deal with the side effects in a safe way.

Transhumanism is a different type of social movement. The creation of technology and the evolution of people is something that is not controlled by the government. Just like an author, scientists are free to create as they see fit. This makes the government react to the evolution of the movement and not the other way around. discusses the specifics of the different sciences and theories involved in transhumanism, like nanotechnology, genetic engineering, AI, and cloning.

The one thing that all of these movements have in common is the common goal of improving life for everyone across the globe. These social movements show the powerful things that people can do when they work together as a team towards a common goal. People, over time, have realized that with hard work they have the ability to change the world, one person at a time. Ultimately, the world is going to change the best we can do is to make it the best place we can while we have the chance.