The Most Important Features to Look for in a Garage Door Opener

Without a proper garage door opener, there is a higher likelihood of encountering varying problems when opening the garage door. If the garage door requires too much energy to open, or it tends to be exceedingly loud, it is the high time to consider replacing the garage door opener with a new one. Irrespective of whether it is meant for replacement, or installing to a new home, a good garage door opener offers unparalleled convenience and ease in operating the garage door. This makes it possible and easy to open the garage door by pressing a single button on the controls, or through the remote access without stepping a foot out of the car.

When it comes to buying a new garage door opener, it can be overwhelming to choose from the endless options available in the market. Different types or models come with different features and varying prices. For instance, owing to the ever advancing technology, some garage door openers can be operated from a smartphone through mobile apps available for Android and Apple users. Additionally, these openers come in different types which include a belt drive opener, a chain drive opener, and a screw drive opener. Each of these types has their own advantages and drawbacks.

Therefore, it is vital to gather more information with regard to these varying types so as to make an informed decision and buy the garage door opener that best fits with the garage needs and user preference. Above all, it is important to remember that the overall performance of the garage door rests primarily on garage door opener installed.

This article looks at the most important things an individual should consider before settling on any particular type or brand of a garage door opener.


One of the major considerations any individual needs to make with regard to a garage door opener is its security and safety features. Most openers in the modern day are characterized by advanced security features. However, some models come with additional features and customization options to safeguard the garage door according to the owner’s liking. As such, one should go for the opener with additional features as they only enhance the safety of the garage and the home in general. Such features include override and manual controls in case of an emergency.

Door size

The size of the garage door determines the type of opener to be installed. With most standard openers supporting doors that are slightly less than eight inches, an individual may need to have his or her garage door opener customized to support a door that stands at 7’6 inches. There are many professionals and garage door specialists that can help to customize the door opener to support the height of the door.

Battery backup

This feature is particularly important for individuals living in areas that encounter power outages regularly. As such, it is important to consider buying a model that has a backup  battery function to ensure the garage door operates normally even when there is no power.


It is important to consider the horsepower of the garage door opener you buy to ensure that it has sufficient power to lift the garage door. Therefore, before buying an opener, take into account the weight, height and the type of your garage door so as to choose the right opener that can be counted upon to work efficiently.