Understanding Automatic Doors

Every single building, either private, commercial, or governmental, must have reliable doors for safe entry and exit. When deciding the type of doors to install, it is important to consider a number of important factors. The number and the type of users expected to access the building on a daily basis, as well as the type and location of the facility, plays a major role in the decision-making process. If the expected users are diversified, automatic doors are with no doubt the ideal option.

Automatic doors offer a convenient point of entry and exit to both the visitors and workers in the building and allow easy management of traffic. They also help in controlling climate as they automatically close, ensuring that the inside and outside temperatures do not affect each other. Automatic doors are well suited to serve different types of users including the handicapped, the elderly, and shoppers pushing strollers or carrying packages. These doors come in different types to serve different purposes, hence, it is important to ensure that the door installed meets the distinct requirements of the building. Choosing the right automatic door is not only a prized asset but also an overall highlight of excellent customer service.

Whereas the visual impression an automatic door creates is held in high regard, it is also particularly important to ensure that it meets the required regulations and also serves its intended purpose. Additionally, regular maintenance should be a top priority to ensure that the door remains in a good and safe working condition. Regular maintenance allows for detection of minor issues before they become complex and costly problems.

With automatic doors, safety is critical, hence, it is important to engage professionals during the whole process beginning with the design. Choosing the right supplier or contractor can be the difference between success and failure with regard to meeting the intended automatic door needs. As such, it is advisable to seek a contractor with sufficient knowledge and experience to understand and meet the specific needs. There are many companies such as Windoor Maintenance that deal with supplies, installation, repair and maintenance of automatic doors. It is much easier and convenient to have the automatic door maintained by the same people that supplied and installed it as they are more familiar with the product.

On the other hand, it is important to know how the different types of automatic doors work as this can help to decide the most suitable choice for the building or facility in question. This is because some types are more suited for one-way user traffic whereas others are ideal for two-way traffic.  Additionally, different door types require varying amount of space to operate. Automatic doors can be either sliding, revolving, swinging or folding. Sliding automatic doors, for instance, require less space to operate and are better suited where the anticipated traffic is two-way, whereas the automatic swinging doors are ideal for one-way traffic and require large spaces to allow convenient movement of the swinging paths. However, depending on the design and functional needs of the project, some manufacturers provide personalized designs to meet the client’s specific needs.