• Learn how to stop turning people off

    Learn how to stop turning people off

    For all the effort, time and money people seem to spend these days trying to make themselves appear more attractive, younger, wealthier and more sophisticated, little is done to reduce the ways in which they unwittingly repulse the rest of us. By trying to build a tower on crumbling foundations, their efforts inevitably collapse, causing…

  • Tips to get through a long, cold winter

    Tips to get through a long, cold winter

    The onset of winter is regarded by many with dread. The thought of all those dark days – missing all the daylight hours when you’re indoors at work, the increased danger on the roads and ensuing traffic chaos. The risk of getting snowed into your home, or even worse, stranded in your car. Feeling cold…

  • Ways to become time-rich

    Ways to become time-rich

    One of the most complaints we hear from our friends and colleagues has got to be ‘I just don’t have enough time’. We go to bed exhausted, worry all night about our lack of time, wake up exhausted and then spend the day rushing between jobs which should have been finished already. You have to…

  • Rowing Machines

    Buyers Guide to Rowing Machines

    Space  Before you buy, consider the space you have in your home. Hydraulic machines are the smallest of all rowing machines, so if you are going to be a regular user, it will be in your home for several years before any parts need replacing. If you are going to be a daily user, then…

  • Increase Antioxidant Intake

    Increase Antioxidant Intake

    We all live in an increasingly polluted environment, and most of us experience a high level of stress, at home, work and in our general, every day lives. Both of these factors increase our requirement for antioxidants. The truth is that our government’s 5 a day recommendations only really touch the surface when it comes…

  • Smoothie Makers

    Smoothie Makers – Explained

    Blenders are more and more common in kitchens nowadays, they are relatively cheap, multitasking and don’t take up a lot of room. You can use a blender to make cocktails, soups and smoothies, amongst other things. Here is a guide to one of the most popular kitchen appliances around. Capacity: There are numerous types of…

  • Exercise Bikes

    Exercise Bikes – The Lowdown

    If you are in the market for a simple piece of exercise equipment that you can use at any time, an exercise bike is the perfect choice. You can ride it indoors, without going out on the road, this makes it a convenient exercise machine that you can use at any time. It gives your…

  • Home Remodeling Headaches

    Home Remodeling Headaches

    For some home remodeling is easy to do. For others, like me, not so much. When you compare what a pro wants to charge and how much just the materials are, it seems a good deal. Sometimes you should just let a pro do it. I had been saying I wanted to remove the plaster…

  • Uzbek Pilaf

    Uzbek Pilaf–A Finger Licking Rice Dish

    AsiaRiceCookers asked us if we were interested in having one of their famous recipes featured on our site, I said bring it on 😉 Enjoy reading! Uzbek Pilaf is a rice, meat and vegetable dish that is said to originate from the country of Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Legend has it that Alexander the Great…

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    Food Processors; Things to Know

    Your food processor may be your best friend in the kitchen but you need to know when you need a new best friend.  You need to nurture your friendship so here are some tips on how to take care of your relationship and how to look after your food processor. Signs that you need to…