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    Understanding Automatic Doors

    Every single building, either private, commercial, or governmental, must have reliable doors for safe entry and exit. When deciding the type of doors to install, it is important to consider a number of important factors. The number and the type of users expected to access the building on a daily basis, as well as the…

  • trained-up-to-drive-hgvs

    Getting trained up to drive HGVs

    Deciding to drive HGVs is a great idea which opens up a world of employment to you. You’ll be able to apply for permanent jobs with companies, as well as being able to sign up for agency work or to go it alone as a freelancer. Just like anything else, though, you’ll need to make…

  • the-good-and-the-bad

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    There are a lot of things that I have a sting dislike for in the modern day and there are a lot of things I like. I am going to use this article to have a brief run through of all of the things we dislike about 2016 and all of the things that we…

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    Why you should learn to play an instrument

    Learning to play a musical instrument is something that usually done in a person’s early years. Those who stick at it are able to take advantage of numerous benefits it brings. Those who reach adulthood without knowing how to play an instrument, often rue their missed chances, but tell themselves that it is too late…

  • Real life video games

    Real life video games

    There was, once upon a time, when computer games sucked and real life was awesome. Games such as Bat n’ Ball and Space Invaders held our attention for up to twenty minutes at a time, but would always be dropped like a hand grenade full of hot angry wasps in favor of the chance to…

  • Learn how to stop turning people off

    Learn how to stop turning people off

    For all the effort, time and money people seem to spend these days trying to make themselves appear more attractive, younger, wealthier and more sophisticated, little is done to reduce the ways in which they unwittingly repulse the rest of us. By trying to build a tower on crumbling foundations, their efforts inevitably collapse, causing…

  • Tips to get through a long, cold winter

    Tips to get through a long, cold winter

    The onset of winter is regarded by many with dread. The thought of all those dark days – missing all the daylight hours when you’re indoors at work, the increased danger on the roads and ensuing traffic chaos. The risk of getting snowed into your home, or even worse, stranded in your car. Feeling cold…

  • Ways to become time-rich

    Ways to become time-rich

    One of the most complaints we hear from our friends and colleagues has got to be ‘I just don’t have enough time’. We go to bed exhausted, worry all night about our lack of time, wake up exhausted and then spend the day rushing between jobs which should have been finished already. You have to…

  • Rowing Machines

    Buyers Guide to Rowing Machines

    Space  Before you buy, consider the space you have in your home. Hydraulic machines are the smallest of all rowing machines, so if you are going to be a regular user, it will be in your home for several years before any parts need replacing. If you are going to be a daily user, then…